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Chick-Lets Hatchling Rental Program - Apr 2023

$175 rental plus $100 refundable deposit. Take home a complete kit with two baby chicks, brooder coop, heat lamp, feeder, waterer, food and bedding, along with an instruction manual and educational material. Pick-up date April 11/12 2023.
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Pick-up date April 11/12 2023. 

A great way for families to learn about responsibility, animal care, and farm life! We provide everything you need to care for two baby chicks from just days old to almost fully grown, and take it all back when you're done. Watch your baby chicks grow over 6-8 weeks, seeing how they change. When chicks get older, send them back to live on the farm! 

Chick-Lets kit includes: 

  • Two baby chicks (1-3 days old)
  • Brooder coop, large enough to hold them as they grow
  • Chick starter feed and feeder
  • Waterer
  • Bedding
  • Instruction manual & educational materials

Manuals and educational materials are yours to keep!

Cost is $175, plus a $100 refundable deposit on return of the equipment and chicks; you will be charged $275 on initial reservation of the chicks. Delivery within KW/Brant/Cambridge may be arranged for an additional fee. 

Return dates are flexible between 6 and 8 weeks after pick up (May 23-June 6). Whatever is best for you works for us in that time frame. Any chicks not returned after 8 weeks without prior communication with us will result in forfeit of deposit, up to and including the full amount. 

Refunds for cancellations will be issued as follows: 

  • Greater than 4 weeks prior to pick-up date: Full refund
  • 2-4 weeks before pick-up date: $50 cancellation fee deducted from refund
  • 1-2 weeks before pick-up: $100 cancellation fee deducted from refund
  • Less than one week before pick-up date: $175 cancellation fee deducted from refund
  • No show on pick-up date: No refunds

Email with questions or for more information. 

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