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Chick-Lets Hatchling Rental Program

$175 rental plus $100 refundable deposit. Take home a complete kit with two baby chicks, brooder coop, heat lamp, feeder, waterer, food and bedding, along with an instruction manual and educational material.
From $175.00

Turkey (Thanksgiving 2022)

$10 deposit toward Thanksgiving turkey

Duck (Thanksgiving 2022)

$10 deposit toward Thanksgiving duck

Eggs, Farm Fresh, Chicken, 12

One dozen chicken eggs.

Turkey (Thanksgiving 2022)

$10 deposit toward Thanksgiving turkey

Chicken Life Cycle Wooden Puzzle

Handcrafted wooden puzzle featuring the 5 stages of the chicken life cycle.

Heat Emitter, 150W, Ceramic

Ideal for baby chicks because it emits heat but not light. This does not disrupt their sleep cycles.
Chick-Lets chick rental program featured on local news.